With the speed of light

Micro laser ablation

In addition to regular laser machining techniques, ILT Fineworks has at its disposal an ultra-short pulse laser machine: a femto laser with 7-axis machining directions.
This allows us to machine materials by means of “cold ablation” techniques.
The laser source used to generate these ultra-short pulses is basically a femto laser source with pulse lengths of 10-15  of a second. These extremely short pulses take the material from solid to gaseous form, removing it.

Advantages and possibilities over regular laser machining methods are:

  • Ability to apply extremely small details to surfaces (structuring, drilling and perforating).
  • Accurate tolerances as low as +/- 0.001 mm.
  • Virtually no heat input and therefore no thermal surface distortions and burning phenomena on contours and surfaces.
  • Highly reflective materials can also be machined.
  • Ultra-small depth engravings.


  • No glass machining capabilities.

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