Laser (micro) welding

Laser welding has several advantages compared to other welding methods. In most cases it is not necessary to use filler material to obtain a perfect weld. Materials like Stainless Steel, Titanium, Gold and Silver can be laser welded. The heat input is very low, so the distortion of the material can be minimal. We  use different types of lasers for fine mechanical welding). Because no filler material is used, it is possible to produce welds in narrow, difficult to reach places. You have to keep in mind however that the demands in the tolerances of the sub assemblies is high. A tight fit between the parts is necessary.

Advantages of laser welding:

  • No filler materials used.   
  • Low heat input.   
  • Possibility of welding in vacuum.   
  • Parts with difficult to reach seams and difficult geometries can often be welded.