Laser engraving

Laser engraving
Laser engraving can be used as a fast and flexible method to engrave materials. Because the laser is coupled to a computer and a digital scanning system, the possibilities are practically unlimited. A full coverage of the customers requirements can be accomplished. We also engrave dye-moulds and moulds for compact-disks and dvd’s, key cards and chip cards. Our systems are capable of reading the identification of the transponders of these cards and engraving the codes on the surface.

Summary of advantages:

  • Easy reproduction of complex pictures and drawings.   
  • Fast and flexible.   
  • Low heat input, product tolerances are maintained.   
  • Non erasable ( in accordance with European laws regarding product liability).   
  • Easy to produce engravings of barcodes, complex logo’s and drawings.   
  • The coupling of a digital scanning system and the laser results in quickly reproduce complex images.
  • Different kinds of materials can be engraved (Metals, plastics, ceramics)   
  • Very low initial costs.  
  • Possibility of unique numbering, unique bar-coding, etc.